Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. We will be doing what we can to spread awareness and encourage everyone to go in for regular checkups. We will also be sending encouragement to those who are currently fighting breast cancer through our own letters. If … Continued

Cultural Diversity Month

We will be celebrating cultural diversity all month long, but make sure and come by on Sept 19th from 4pm-6pm as we play games from around the world with all of our residents! Anyone and everyone is invited so make sure to bring a friend! Take an opportunity to learn something you never thought you … Continued

Alex’s Lemonade Stand

All month long we will be accepting donations in the office to go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation for cancer research. Each Friday there will be pizza in the office that you can come get in exchange for a donation! Alex was a brave young girl who opened a lemonade stand in front of … Continued

Book Drive!

For the entire month of May we will be accepting book donations in the office to do our part for literacy awareness! Bring your books by the office today!

Spring Pollinators Day

Sign up in the office to join us in Southlake from 12:00-4:30 on Saturday 4/21 as we learn about the importance of pollination, as well as a gardening workshop on how to make your garden pollination friendly!